Products and services

cahoot Simple Saver

Our Simple Saver is an online savings account that gives you the flexibility to save and withdraw money whenever you like.

cahoot Sunny Day Saver

Our Sunny Day Saver lets you save for a summer holiday or those unexpected bills, with access to your money come rain or shine.

Fixed rate bonds

A guaranteed way to grow your savings with a fixed rate of interest. No additional deposits, withdrawals or account closures permitted during the fixed term.

Your contactless card

Contactless with your cahoot debit or credit card means that you can tap, pay and go wherever you see the contactless symbol.

Using your debit/credit card abroad

You can use your cahoot card when you travel abroad. We give you handy tips on what to look out for, how much cash you can withdraw and what to do if your card is stolen.

Rates and fees

Online banking and everyday transactions are free but here you can find more information on charges for things such as paper statements and unpaid transactions.