Customer needs information

Supporting the needs of all our customers

If you have a current account with us, the information below shows the key ways we can support you when you need us.

Dealing with the unexpected

Our specialist Financial Support team has been trained to help you if you have a change in circumstances such as illness or losing your job.


Additional help and support

Our Collections team are here to help. They can help you manage your arrangements with different companies and can put you in touch with a debt counselling specialist or other sources of support like Money Advice Service, Payplan and StepChange.


Contacting us

If you need to contact us in an emergency, our contact centre help deal with unexpected life events. You can also contact us by Secure Messaging online.
You can use our automated telephony service to get account balances without having to speak to someone.
If you think you’ve been a victim of fraud, you can call us 24/7 on our emergency helpline.


Specialist support

Our specialist Financial Support team can offer you help to budget and manage your accounts.
Our specialist Collections Team will offer support in making an arrangement to help you repay your debt in an affordable way. 



Our dedicated Bereavement Service can provide one-to-one support following the loss of a loved one. You can notify us of a death by telephone or in a branch. Our bereavement pages contain not only guides and information on how we can help you at this difficult time, but also links to many outside organisations that can provide additional support and guidance. 


Other life events

If you need to contact us, we can help you deal with unexpected life events. You can also contact us by Secure Messaging online.

Helping you understand your money

We work hard to keep our website up-to-date with detail on how to use our current account.
You can set up free text and email alerts to help you stay up-to-date with what’s happening on your account so you can take action to avoid charges and stay on top of your bills.


Helping you develop your financial skills

We hold Fraud and scam awareness sessions in our Santander branches, which are open to all, to help you recognise fraudsters and how they work. We hold Moneywise education sessions in schools.


Accessing cash

Our Santander ATMs have voice guidance to assist blind and partially-sighted customers.

Our Santander contactless ATMs let you access most transactions on your accounts without a PIN, which can help if you have problems with dexterity.


Using your account

Our contact centre staff are fully trained to help you if you have additional needs.


Accessing information

We're committed to making our website accessible and usable for everyone. We've invested in research and consultancy with specialist companies to understand how best to do this.

We can send your correspondence in Braille, large print and coloured paper.

We can send you notifications by text and email to help you manage your finances.


Allowing someone else to help you use your account

We can set up a Power of Attorney or deputy on your account so someone you trust can manage your finances on your behalf.


Ways to interact with us

All our staff receive specialist training to support customers affected by mental health issues and limited or reducing mental capacity.

We have secure messaging online and a range of automated services through Telephone Banking


If you haven’t found what you’re looking for, please contact us on 0330 678 2811

The requirement to publish the Financial Conduct Authority service quality information for personal current accounts can be found here