Account alerts

Stay in the know

Our free text alerts let you stay up to date with what's happening in your accounts. Set up your alerts, then take action to manage your money in the best way, avoiding charges, staying on top of your bills and making the most of interest.

It’s important you’ve registered a mobile number on your account to ensure you receive alerts. You can choose to stop receiving them and check or update the mobile number registered on your account using Online Banking, but if you have questions we'd be happy to talk to you over the phone

Get alerts by text, email or both for your current account, savings account and credit card.

Set up alerts

  • log on to online banking
  • from your secure personal homepage select 'request account alerts'
  • select how you'd like to be notified (via email or text message)
  • choose the account alerts you’d like to receive
  • click 'yes' to change your account alert settings.

There's no cost to you for signing up to, and setting up and receiving alerts. It's a free service offered by us.

Most UK mobile providers don’t charge you to receive text messages, even when abroad. However, you should check with your mobile phone provider to confirm whether or not you'd be charged.

Email alerts are sent 24 hours a day and text alerts are sent between 10am and 8pm daily. If an alert is triggered after 8pm then the text will be sent at 10am the next morning.

We’re making changes to alerts to help you avoid or minimise charges. Details about these changes and which products they apply to are detailed below.

Current accounts

We’ll automatically start sending you text alerts to help you avoid charges when your account has entered an arranged or unarranged overdraft position or when it’s about to, for example, because of a regular payment (e.g. direct debit).

Credit Cards

We’ve simplified the Alerts Service clause in our General Terms and Conditions to advise you that if the alert is not a regulatory requirement, we’ll give you the option to opt-out.