Online banking

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About online banking

A guide to online banking and how you can use it to make day-to-day banking easier. We show you how you can view, manage and transact on your accounts, and take you through some of the security features that keep your online bank safe and secure.

Safe and sound with cahoot online

Rest assured when you bank online with us. Our online banking commitment covers you in case of fraud as long as you’ve taken reasonable steps to keep your security information safe.

Online banking help

Your questions about online banking answered. We have help on using the online bank, security and logging on, managing your accounts and updating your details.

Account alerts

Our free text alerts let you stay up to date with what is happening in your accounts. In cahoot online banking you can set up alerts for your account to help manage your money, staying on top of your bills and making the most of interest.


Midata lets you download your transactions history so that you can compare current accounts. Cahoot has joined this industry initiative, which aims to make banking fairer.

Download online and security software

Trusteer security software is specially designed to work with cahoot to make online banking safer.