Travel company ceased trading

You can use our Travel Company Liquidation Form to raise a claim if you've been affected by your travel provider going into administration. You must have paid using your credit or debit card.

In most cases we'll refund you within 45 working days from the date we receive your claim. If we receive a lot of claims it may take us a little longer. Please complete our claim form and enclose your supporting evidence. We need this to submit your claim.

Guidance for completing our online claim form

This form must only be used for payments made on your cahoot debit or credit card. Card payments made with another provider will need to be discussed with them directly. 

The claim form

  • The fields in the form can be edited. This means you can fill in the information before printing it off.
  • If completing the form by hand, please use black ink.
  • Please complete all fields with as much information as possible. This will help reduce delays in processing your claim.
  • If you need to provide more information, please use a separate piece of paper.
  • Please only submit the payments made with the same card on one form. If you’ve used more than one cahoot card to make payments, please complete a separate form for each card.

Supporting Documentation

  • Only send copies of information when you send in supporting evidence. Keep the originals for your own records. 
  • Please avoid stapling your documents together or attaching them to the claim form.

Returning your form

Please post your form, along with any documentation to:
Card Disputes
PO Box 1050


We’ll normally refund your account within 45 days from the date we receive your claim. If we receive a large number of claims it may take us a little longer. Please complete our claim form and enclose supporting documentation, as we need this to submit your claim. 
Fraud Awareness

Criminals will use a company going into liquidation as a cover story to try and scam you out of your money. 

It’s important that you keep your personal, security and card information safe and secure as criminals may target you. They may pretend to be cahoot, the police or another trusted organisation and use this information to convince you they’re genuine. Take Five to check that you’re speaking to a genuine person. Call us direct using the number on our website before discussing any details about your account, card or claim. 

Criminals will sometimes use a tactic called ‘spoofing’ where they make the 'caller ID' look as if it's from your bank (or other trusted organisation). They can even make them appear in the same thread alongside genuine messages. They may ask you to make a payment or share your security details, such as Online Banking passwords or One Time Passcodes (OTPs). These must never be shared with anyone even if they say they’re from cahoot.